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  • A Mari Ocean Gin – distilled with Atlantic Ocean Seawater

    Founders of A Mari Ocean Gin, Jess Henrich and Niel du Toit have returned to Cape Town after globetrotting for 14 years. Both enthusiasts of new ventures, these two entrepreneurs started discussing the gin trend and its potential in South Africa. The only gin in the world distilled with Atlantic Ocean seawater! A Mari – […]

  • Celebrating Wold Cucumber Day with Hendrick’s Gin

    Hendrick’s Gin has conducted a somewhat unorthodox, but genuinely scientific experiment with cucumber scientist Graham Brown of the University of Sydney to quantify the true sensitivity of cucumbers – and the results revealed today are astonishing. Exhibiting traits usually associated with sentient beings, the green fruits show undeniably impressive abilities for reacting to outside stimuli, […]

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    The Journey of Perfection by Wixworth Gin

    Wixworth, an artfully balanced gin, subtly infused with South African Renosterbos, has launched on April 5th, 2017. Following in the footsteps of London distillers in their quest to perfect their Dry Gin recipes, Wixworth undertook their own journey to craft and perfect the quintessential gin recipe with subtle hints of South Africa. They spent many […]