On FoodBlog South Africa, we want to introduce our readers to the huge variety of restaurants in South Africa – unique experiences; different cuisines, different places to fall in love with with the website generating 150,000+ page views every single month.

If you are looking to advertise on FoodBlogSA, we can offer several advertising packages for your brand.

Our Community on Social Media

With communities set up for South African as a whole and local communities in for Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, the Garden Route and Lowveld, we can promote your campaign to a total of:

  • 150,000 page views per month
  • 80,000 Facebook Fans
  • 130,000 Twitter Followers
  • 150,000 Instagram Followers
  • 46,000 Newsletter subscribers with an open rate of 15%

Display Advertising

We offer display advertising at R100 cpm with adverts that can be placed close to our header, before each blog post and on the right side bar. Options for leaderboards (728 x 90 pxls) and medium rectangles (300 x 250 pxls) are catered for. Additional advert formats can be discussed to suit your campaign.

Ad unit Sizes CPM
Standard Display 728×90 150 cpm
Roadblock (own all the ad unit on the site for a day) all R60 cpm/day on entire site
Newsletter 17 000 subscribers,sent out weekly (Tues), 300×600 R80 cpm
Programmatic Premium All preferred – R30 cpm
guaranteed – R75 cpm


Additional options for content marketing & newsletter promotion is also available:

  • Featured article on our home page(s)
  • 5 social media posts
  • Newsletter promotion
  • Reports & statistics at the end of the campaign


With 150,000 page views per month at a R100 cpm we would ask R15,000 for a display advert that will placed on FoodBlogSA for approximately 30 days.

Content marketing plans that include featured content on home, active social media promotion and newsletter inclusion are also available from R1,500 for 30 days promotion. 

Contact us on marvin@food-blog.co.za