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    Cheese the Day with Spur’s Monday Burger Special

    Mondays tend to get a bad rap, but at Spur, it’s undoubtedly the best day of the week!

    Cheese the day with Spur’s amazing Monday Cheese Burger special where you can choose between a single beef, rib, soya or chicken burger with Spur-style crispy onion rings and golden chips for only R69.90.

    That’s unbelievable value and exceptional quality!

    For the rest of the week, Spur is one of those places that offers something for everyone – especially when it comes to their famous burgers. From single and double burger options for their 160g beef, chicken (grilled, crumbed or Texan-chilli) and rib to a whole new range of vegetarian and vegan-friendly burgers options, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice.

    Tuck into the legendary Cheddamelt Burger with tangy melted cheese and creamy mushroom or pepper sauce, a sensational Bacon Cheese & Guacamole Burger, a Goodie Burger with melted cheese, grilled pineapple ring and creamy mushroom sauce, or a delicious Sauce Burger that’s topped with one of the tasty sauces. Hungry yet?

    They’re more than just a burger joint though; the menu offers something for the whole family. From sizzlin’ steaks, ribs, and grills to fresh salads, vegan-friendly meals and decadent desserts. Known for the kids’ offering, your little ones will have a blast in the supervised, awesome kids’ play area – perfect for birthday parties.

    Join them at your nearest Spur Steak Ranch on Mondays for their unbelievable Cheese Burger special, or any other day you please for an outstanding dining experience, great service and mouth-watering meals in a warm, family-friendly environment.

    For more information visit the Spur website.

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    Quality Video Production for Restaurants

    We here at FoodBlogSA are offering a new service, restaurant video production, from start to finish, for social media promotion!

    We have found that publishing short, bite sized videos on social media has a really positive impact on user engagement and give customers a more tangible idea of what restaurants have to offer. It’s a simple and effective way to really showcase your restaurant.

    We are offering a package that includes 3 short videos (15 to 20 seconds each) geared towards social media promotion; and one longer video that presents your restaurant as a whole (30 to 40 seconds).

    Individualised and adjustable, these videos can hone in on any specific aspect of your establishment you’d like to showcase. If you have long-term specials, a mouth-watering signature dish, an impressive cocktail, or just a fun recipe you’d like to share, these videos provide the perfect opportunity to promote what sets you apart.

    The Process


    We start by gathering information on your restaurant’s brand and key points of interest. We then discuss what kind of impression you’d like to make on viewers and what would be the most accurate and effective way to translate your restaurant’s image into video.


    We put together 5 to 6 ideas for short videos, and write a shot list for each, planning what shots and camera movements we’d like to get. This can be discussed and the focus can be confirmed before shoot day. This ensures the process is as smooth as possible so both sides are prepped and ready to go. Of course, there’s always room for creativity on the day, but establishing a general idea beforehand is necessary so both parties are on the same page.


    After we’ve established a time that suits all (when the establishment is not too busy and the assistance of one or two staff members is possible), the actual filming process only takes between 2 and 5 hours depending on the scale of the project. We have a small, flexible team that embraces natural and available light to create a realistic, yet visually striking perspective.


    The editing process consists of finding the right music (or ambient sound/ voice over) and fitting together selected shots to create short, eye-catching videos that celebrate what makes your restaurant unique. The videos are colour-graded and titles are added, with simple motion graphics being optional. Once complete, the finished videos are exported into an easy to upload format for your restaurant to use as you wish.

    If you’d like to know more, please get in touch so we can discuss how to bring the food-focused films you envision to fruition.

    To get an idea, see our latest example videos:


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    GoReview delivers on centralised Reviews & Reputation Management

    With more millennial travellers – local and international – the importance of reviews has become more and more apparent, resulting in either a booking or not. Ashleigh and Quinton McHaffie, the founding owners of Social Places and GoReview realised the demand within the hospitality industry and launched GoReview – to manage online reputation and offer access to centralised reviews.

    GoReview offers businesses with multiple locations, a platform to manage their social media reviews in one place. Go Review aggregates reviews from Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Zomato, etc. and allows brands to respond to their reviews and pull insights and data on a store and brand level.

    The product also offers a live customer feedback tool. Each location has a unique QR code and branded mobi site where customers can leave a review.

    If the review is negative the manager of the establishment receives an SMS instantly and can help resolve the issue while the client is in-store. If the review is positive, the store’s social media icons will appear and the client can choose to share their positive experience online. – Ashleigh McHaffie.

    GoReview delivers on:

    • Reducing the amount of time that it takes a business to manage their online reputation across multiple platforms
    • Having a centralised dashboard where businesses can view their online reviews
    • Giving accurate stats and valuable, visual insights, to businesses on a store and brand level
    • Keeping negative reviews offline while promoting positive feedback online
    • Helping businesses improve their level of customer service
    • Creating a great, simple user experience for customers and store managers

    We are seeing, time and time again, that consumers rely heavily on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. If you have a poor listing with a low review score and unmanaged reviews you will lose business. 

    Our goal is to become a staple in the hospitality and retail industry across Southern Africa. Our product offers business owners a chance to be in control of their online reputation and offer better customer service, so in these competitive arenas, the product will become a necessity. We are passionate about our software and we’d like to consider ourselves as the thought leaders in the location-based marketing space. We are always on the lookout for new trends in the tech industry that will keep GoReview at the forefront of customer feedback and online reputation management. – Quinton McHaffie.

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    Win a R500 Voucher with Col’Cacchio

    Established in 1992, Col’Cacchio pizzeria is a name that has become synonymous with Italian-inspired, artisanal food, including a broad range of crisp, thin-based pizzas and a wide variety of freshly prepared salads and pastas.

    The menu provides a wide choice of delicious dishes and meal combinations, including over 50 pizzas, 20 salads and 20 pastas. With the launch of their summer menu, the restaurant has also added Italian inspired main meals that include all new fish and meat dishes along with delicious desserts – there is definitely something for everyone!

    To give our readers an opportunity to try out the new summer menu, we’re giving away a R500 voucher this month. All you have to do is answer a very simple question and you could be enjoying a fantastic meal at Col’Cacchio Canal Walk in Cape Town, Gateway in Durban or Dainfern in Johannesburg. 

    Enter now! 

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    10 Ways to get served quickly at a Bar

    We’ve all experienced the pain of standing at the bar, waiting to be served, and just being passed over for the person next to us and we just can’t understand why. Monkey Shoulder sheds some light on the occasion so to avoid standing in a long queue.

    It’s good to be patient, but it’s even better to have a drink in your hand.

    The guys over at Monkey Shoulder spoke to experienced bar staff to find out the secrets of reducing the waiting time for your precious drink.

    Shaun Stemmett, brand manager for Monkey Shoulder, the world’s only triple malt Scotch whisky says that these tips are going to be especially helpful leading into the summer months as the festivities get started.  

    1. Whistling at the bar staff will not get you served quickly. Avoid doing this at all costs.

    Nicholas Crouse from Lucky Shaker in Umhlanga says, “What’s really important to bar staff is that we are afforded some respect. If you shout, whistle or snap your fingers, we will pass you by. Also, have an idea of what you are looking for. We are happy to assist you if you are wanting to discover something new, but please don’t wait for us to serve you before you decide what you feel like. If someone comes to the bar and says, “surprise me”, what helps is if they say, “surprise me with something fruity”, in which case we will know in what direction we should go. All this makes serving you that my easier and more enjoyable.”

    1. Talking to your friend in the line may make you look like you’re busy and do not need a drink. Likewise looking at the drinks selection makes you appear unready.
    2. Bringing back your empty glasses may win you favour.
    3. Stand out from the crowd: if you’re tall or wear a distinctive hat you’ll have an advantage.
    4. Stand up for your rights: it’s OK to say that the person next to you pushed in, bar staff like to be fair.
    5. Bar staff are divided on whether customers waving money around is a good or bad thing. Do however have your money ready.

    Julian Short from Sin+Tax in Johannesburg says, ” Bar staff are very busy , so it is always best to know what you what and to have your payment ready. Making eye contact and leaving a good tip goes a long way, too.”

    1. Eye contact is effective, but needs to be used sparingly. Do not stare at busy bartenders like you’re in love with them (unless you actually are in love).
    2. Be charming. It helps.

    Tinashe Motsi from Orphanage Cocktail Emporium in Cape Town says, “Making eye contact and having a nice social facial expression, like a big smile, or someone who is visibly expected to get a drink from you, will usually get my attention quicker.”

    1. Stand directly in front of the bar staff and look friendly. If there are two people serving, stand between them.
    2. Do not talk to someone who has just been served.

    Or you can just do what you like and not worry about the odd extra minute in your favourite bar.

    What are you waiting for, no more standing in line, use these tips to order with your local bartender, and enjoy your Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky, responsibly.

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    A Mari Ocean Gin brings home Silver Award at IWSC London

    A Mari Ocean Gin has won a coveted IWSC Silver Award from the globally esteemed International Wine and Spirit Competition in London, in the Tasting Category of Contemporary Styles.

    Founded in 1969, IWSC, is regarded as the premier competition of its kind in the world with the aim of promoting the quality and excellence of the world’s best wines, spirits and liqueurs.

    We are humbled, and indeed over the moon, to have been awarded this after only one year of launching A Mari to the South African market. We would like to thank the public, industry and leading Chefs who have supported us on our journey.”


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    Anél Potgieter’s dream comes true getting her own TV Show: Bak of Brou

    Well-known food personality, Anél Potgieter, experiences dream after dream coming true after the age of 40 – now presenter of own TV show, Bak of Brou

    The well-known food personality, Anél Potgieter, is experiencing one dream after the other coming true – all this after she turned 40 years old. Although she is already a regular face on television (including the breakfast show, Expresso, amongst others), she is now going to present a brand new TV show, Bak of Brou, which will be broadcast on Via (DSTV channel 147) at 18:30 on Mondays commencing on 17 July.

    Over and above her television work, Anél is also the food writer for a Sunday newspaper, a regular guest on radio, a freelancer for a variety of magazines, and as a food blogger she has been awarded as the best food blogger in the country twice in a row!

    All this occurred a couple of years ago when Anél resigned as a marketing manager to follow her passion of becoming a full-time foodie.

    Wow, when I look back now, I must have been either exceptionally brave or a real chancer. But thank goodness I did it, as my life was never the same again – every day is just one adventure after the other.

    So what can viewers expect of Bak of Brou?

    As Anél explains, two top bakers will receive an identical brief from a client (celebrity) for an event. The bakers won’t know who the client is initially, and only has three hours to produce the winning cake, cool it, decorate it, and finally stack it. To add to the drama, the participants will receive more clues during this time that will either assist them… or throw them off completely. “Then they must still transport the cake to the venue, and as we all know, to transport a cake can only cause trouble. All this action is captured on camera. It’s only at the party where they will meet the celebrity client for the first time, who will then decide (alone) who interpreted the brief the best and who failed. There is so much drama and comedic moments which will be provide so much entertainment with every episode,” she states.

    Each episode features a well-known celebrity, ranging from Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, Crystal-Donna Roberts to Kurt Darren and Jenny Morris, amongst others.

    Anél was raised in a small Free State town of Wepener. >From the age of eight years old she was given the responsibility of preparing the cakes and treats for the visitors who came to their house after church every Sunday. At the church fétes the older ladies would ask Anél to taste the curries to ensure that they were correctly seasoned and spiced, “I had to stand on a chair and peek into the pots on the gas stoves and after tasting their dishes I would tell them which curries needed what in order to get the perfect taste balance.”

    My life is a testimony to the fact that one should never give up on your dreams. Age should never be a hindrance. I really believe that if you can dream it, you can do it!

    Tune in to channel 147 on DSTV on the 17th of July at 18h30. 

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    Top 10 Best Gordon Ramsay Memes

    Gordon Ramsay is an extremely famous British celebrity chef who is well known for his amazing cooking talent and his TV shows. He is also, however, well known for the unique criticisms he uses when he is not impressed by another chef’s food, inspiring fans to make memes based off of these criticisms. Here are the top 10 best Gordon Ramsay memes, enjoy!

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    Fluffy stuffed Toys made out of Cake

    Susanne Ng is a home baker from Singapore who has become famous on the internet for her unique cakes. Susanne creates adorable, fluffy, chiffon cakes, which often take the form of cute creatures, like unicorns and hippos. She uses her education in science and engineering to help her create original and creative baked goods.

    It takes Susanne up to a whole day to make one of her large cakes, each part of the cake needs to cool down before it can be assembled. The baker uses different pans to make the different shapes, and also gets creative when making smaller shapes by using certain household items, like eggshells. The small details of her cakes, such as eyes and flowers, are sculpted from cake sheets and are glued onto the cakes using melted chocolate or marshmallows as glue.

    The final products are so adorable and artistic that you won’t want to eat them. But then you would remember how tasty they look.

    Have a look at her website: http://lovingcreations4u.blogspot.co.za/

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    Spend $10,000 on a Bikini made of Pizza

    Last week, on the 5th of July, it was National Bikini Day. In honour of this, Villa Italian Kitchen designed a two piece bikini, which is made out of pizza… yes, you read that correctly, pizza.

    On that one day only, the restaurant offered to custom make two piece bikinis made out of homemade dough, mozzarella cheese, Californian tomato sauce, and pepperoni, for only $10,000… very affordable and definitely worth it.

    I’m not sure if we have anything like that in South Africa, in fact thankfully I don’t think that we do. Instead, we can just order pizza from our favourite joint, sit outside in a bikini made out of actual clothing material, and enjoy delicious pizza that hasn’t been worn.

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    Video Marketing: A personal Tour of your Restaurant

    What’s the best way to market your restaurant, coffee shop, bar, eatery, or cafe online?  Since you can’t offer food samples over the Internet, showcasing your menu on video is the next best thing.

    30-60 second online videos designed specifically for restaurants, coffee shops, candy shops and cafes.  These beautiful, high definition videos allow visitors to your website and social media presence the opportunity to spend a few moments experiencing your establishment’s atmosphere and checking out a few of your best dishes.


    Until the 15 of August, you will receive a video production for only R3900 per video.

    Imagine if you could offer every potential customer a personal tour under the best possible circumstances… 

    We’re working with Two Fellas Media who is offering affordable video production to showcase your restaurant as well as the food being served with short 30 – 45 second videos. Packages start from R6,500.

    Contact us today to receive more info on how Two Fellas Media can help you! 

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    5 Dark Secrets about Coca Cola

    Coca Cola, commonly known as Coke, is a very popular soft drink across the world. It is no secret that the drink is not very good for your health, especially when consumed regularly, but Coke seems to be hiding more, less known secrets. Here are 5 dark secrets about the brand.

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    The Rosé Deodorant Dream we all need in our Lives

    The term ‘extra’ is something that comes up a lot these days on the internet. If you are extra, to put it simply, you are over-the-top or dramatic. This has taken social media around the world by storm as people have been posting memes about being extra, or of themselves embodying the term.

    If you want to participate in the fun, there is a new way to do so. Native Cosmetics, an indie cosmetics brand, has released a new set of deodorants that are “brunch scented.” The range includes sangria, mimosa, and rosé scented deodorant. Yum. This was released on the first day of summer, overseas of course, as a celebration of summer day drinking.

    Even though we are currently experiencing winter here in South Africa, we can definitely still enjoy these drinks and their corresponding deodorants. And we too can most definitely be extra.

    The cosmetics brand only uses natural ingredients, and even the brunch range of deodorants don’t contain alcohol, making them friendly for sensitive skin.

    Native Cosmetics has an online store, so if you want to be extra, or even if you don’t, you should participate in the fun and order the brunch scented deodorant range.

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    4 of the best tiny cooking videos we could find

    Videos of people cooking tiny food using tiny cooking equipment have become very popular on the internet. The meals that are cooked range between your everyday home-cooked meals, like lasagne, hamburgers, and macaroni, to some fancier ones: sushi dishes and steak. There are even some videos of yummy, little desserts.

    Watching all of those tiny ingredients being cooked in tiny ovens and pans is just so mind-blowing, not to mention entertaining. The videos make being a mini version of yourself sound very appealing, just so you can sit at a tiny table and enjoy the tiny meals that have been made.

    So, with that being said, here are some links to videos of tiny food making. Enjoy!’

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    Warm up this Winter with Fairview Shiraz

    As mid-winter bring with it colder temperatures, we dust off our boots and straighten out our warm jackets. Recipes like homey soups, stews and slow-cooked meals are suddenly back on the menu. And if spending a chilly evening indoors and getting cosy in front of the fireplace with a fluffy blanket seems like the best thing to do, then the Fairview Beacon Shiraz 2014 is no doubt the perfect pairing.

    Fairview wine and cheese in Paarl produces several tantalising Shiraz wines that feature in almost all of the estate’s ranges. These Shiraz wines have earned numerous accolades, confirming Fairview’s position as a Shiraz-producing jewel in the Cape Winelands.

    The 2014 Beacon Shiraz is dark ruby red in colour, with aromas of ripe plum, violet and cinnamon on the nose. The Shiraz resembles a French Syrah from the Northern Rhône. The palate is rich and full-bodied with firm structure and complex flavours of fruit and spice. The wine has the potential to mature for 5 to 8 years.

    Shiraz has always been a flagship variety for our farm, carrying with it a special heritage and significance. – winemaker Anthony de Jager.

    The SA Shiraz Wine Challenge 2017 announced their results recently, of which the Fairview Beacon Shiraz 2014 was honoured with a spot in the overall Top 12 Shiraz wines in South Africa.

    Richly flavoured and ideally served at 15 °C – 18°C, Shiraz wines are perfect for the winter season. They pair particularly well with hot meat dishes, such as beef stew, roast lamb, venison, oxtail, and roast or braaied chicken.

    The Beacon Shiraz 2014 retails for about R285 per bottle and is available nationwide at selected liquor outlets or via Fairview’s online shop.

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    KFC launching a chicken sandwich into space

    Recently, KFC announced their latest adventure, and it is ‘out of this world’.

    The chain has partnered with a space exploration company – World View – and is planning to launch their new Zinger sandwich into the stratosphere and back. KFC’s U.S. president, Kevin Hochman said that they are excited for their sandwich to travel to space, and to support World View’s advancing space research.

    In preparation for their new project, the KFC Instagram page has been posting pictures of actor Rob Lowe dressed up as the new colonel in a space suit. Clearly a lot of effort and money is being put into this campaign.

    The sandwich/burger is a new version of existing sandwiches that are sold at other fast-food chains, such as Burger King and McDonalds. Hochman stated that KFC’s version of the sandwich is better, as unlike the other fast-food chains, their chicken is not frozen and refried, but instead is friend in store.

    The spicy sandwich/burger is available in South Africa, and consists of a fried chicken breast fillet, served with mayo, lettuce, and tomato, on a bun.

    It sounds delicious, but the question is: is a burger worth the amount of money being put into this campaign?

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    Light-Up Cotton Candy Is Taking Over Disney Parks

    Disney parks around the world are often coming up with unique new eats with exciting new themes. Their latest is the extremely popular, picture perfect, glow in the dark cotton candy. The cotton candy is white, and is placed on a light-up cone, causing it to light up in different bright colours. The lights in the candy is not only unique, but it also adds to the magical atmosphere of the famous parks at night-time.

    Unfortunately, our ‘candy floss’ doesn’t light up and glow. But, we do have the classically delicious version of the sweet treat, and everybody loves a classic. South Africa is also famous for our own unique sweets, and if you haven’t tried them already, you should.

    Some of the classics include: flings, fizzers, zoo biscuits, fizz pops, chomps, chappies, peppermint crisp, and Ouma Rusks, to name a few. Not only do we have these on offer, we have some more exotic treats like koeksisters and mosbolletjies.

    You won’t find delicious sweets and treats like those anywhere else.

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    Top 10 Snacks with no Sugar

    Snacking is a very important part of most people’s days. Snacks are perfect for if you are hungry in between meals or watching a movie, but we also often eat them just because we are bored and have nothing else to do. This can result in a lot of food consumption, specifically a lot of sugar consumption. While it is virtually impossible to find natural foods with no sugar at all, many have a very low amount of natural and healthy sugars. So here is a list of delicious snacks that have very low natural sugar, and no added sugar – perfect for if you are feeling peckish or bored, but are trying to keep healthy.

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    Calling all Bartenders: Sign up to the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2018

    The House of Angostura® has launched the 9th edition of its Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge (AGCC 2018) —open to bartenders from around the world— with a call for entries to be submitted to the competition’s website

    At stake is the coveted title of “Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge Champion,” a cash prize of US$10,000 and a two-year contract to serve as the Angostura® Global Brand Ambassador, representing world-famous ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters, ANGOSTURA® orange bitters, Angostura® Rums and Amaro di ANGOSTURA®. Trophies will also be awarded to the Winners of the Best Rum Cocktail and the Best Amaro Cocktail.

    The challenge rolls-out globally with a series of heats in national and regional markets throughout 2017. The South Africa online entry section is open from 22nd May to 30th June 2017, during which interested South African professional bartenders should complete an entry form, include their cocktail recipes, a demonstration video and essay on the competition website. After the judges selection, 10 finalists will compete in the South African National heat for a place in The African and Middle East Regional competition in October. The AGCC National and Regional Champions from across the globe will fly to Trinidad and Tobago for The Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge (AGCC 2018) on February 11th, 2018.

    The Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge aims to discover and encourage new and creative uses of the House of Angostura® portfolio by gifted, bartenders around the world. Our goal is to collate a suite of inventive modern classics that showcase Angostura’s® unique brands. – says company CEO Genevieve Jodhan,

    Finalists will enjoy the experience of a lifetime when the competition culminates in Trinidad and Tobago: They will tour of the Angostura Distillery and Museum, visit the country’s world-renowned steelbands, and even “play ’mas” in full costume during the country’s Carnival.

    A key event on the international mixology calendar, the first Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge took place in April 2001 at the Robinson Crusoe Pub in Tobago. The competition moved to Trinidad in 2011 and now takes place during Trinidad Carnival—the Greatest Show on Earth! The AGCC 2016 saw the largest number of entrants to date: 287 participants, drawn from 900 entrants, competed from 36 countries.

    Over the years, the AGCC Judging Panel has included celebrated mixologists like Dale DeGroff, Tony Abou-Ganim, Ann Tuennerman, Hidetsugu Ueno, and, most recently Jeff “Beachbum” Berry.

    Sign up to the Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge

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    Lanzerac’s Mrs English Chardonnay 2016 pays homage to an industry icon

    Part of the brand’s Heritage range, the Lanzerac Mrs English Chardonnay 2016 is a true reflection of the elegance and sophistication of her namesake, Mrs Elizabeth Katherina English. Mrs English, who purchased the property in 1914 for the fetching price of £18 000, is believed to have bottled the first Lanzerac wine from grapes cultivated on the Estate.

    The Chardonnay grapes for the 2016 vintage were sourced from a 21-year-old single vineyard block in the Jonkershoek Valley of Stellenbosch. “Jonkershoek has a unique terroir within the greater Stellenbosch district in that the temperature in this belt is consistently lower than the Stellenbosch average. This results in slower ripening and ultimately the perfect phenolic ripeness of grapes,” says Cellar Master Wynand Lategan. “Each barrel was inoculated with a different yeast strain, which provides me with different building blocks when I finally blend the wine before bottling, and it ensures a softer, yet multi-dimensional, wine.”

    Only French Oak barrels were used for fermenting the Mrs English Chardonnay 2016 and comprised 50% new and 50% second fill. Weekly bâtonnage was done throughout the 11-month barrel-maturation process. The wine is subtle and elegant with a steely core, allowing for a concentration of fresh flavours such as grapefruit and marmalade, with a soft vanilla undertone. Extended lees contact add texture and richness, resulting in a wine that is perfectly seamless, subtle and refined.

    The 2016 vintage, limited to 4 800 individually numbered bottles, is part of an acclaimed lineage and accolades for earlier vintages include Top 100 SA Wines, 4 1Ž2 Stars in Platter, and Gold in the Museum Class category at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show. The current release vintage is ready to enjoy now, but will reach its full drinking potential if left to age for a further 10 years.

    The Lanzerac Mrs English Chardonnay 2016 is the perfect wine partner to decadent foods such as vichyssoise, fresh crab or parsley and lemon crayfish. It also partners beautifully with a velvety, baked lemon cheesecake. Available only from the Tasting Room at R450 per bottle.