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  • Anél Potgieter’s dream comes true getting her own TV Show: Bak of Brou

    Well-known food personality, Anél Potgieter, experiences dream after dream coming true after the age of 40 – now presenter of own TV show, Bak of Brou The well-known food personality, Anél Potgieter, is experiencing one dream after the other coming true – all this after she turned 40 years old. Although she is already a […]

  • Fluffy stuffed Toys made out of Cake

    Susanne Ng is a home baker from Singapore who has become famous on the internet for her unique cakes. Susanne creates adorable, fluffy, chiffon cakes, which often take the form of cute creatures, like unicorns and hippos. She uses her education in science and engineering to help her create original and creative baked goods. It […]

  • Spend $10,000 on a Bikini made of Pizza

    Last week, on the 5th of July, it was National Bikini Day. In honour of this, Villa Italian Kitchen designed a two piece bikini, which is made out of pizza… yes, you read that correctly, pizza. On that one day only, the restaurant offered to custom make two piece bikinis made out of homemade dough, […]

  • The Rosé Deodorant Dream we all need in our Lives

    The term ‘extra’ is something that comes up a lot these days on the internet. If you are extra, to put it simply, you are over-the-top or dramatic. This has taken social media around the world by storm as people have been posting memes about being extra, or of themselves embodying the term. If you […]

  • KFC launching a chicken sandwich into space

    Recently, KFC announced their latest adventure, and it is ‘out of this world’. The chain has partnered with a space exploration company – World View – and is planning to launch their new Zinger sandwich into the stratosphere and back. KFC’s U.S. president, Kevin Hochman said that they are excited for their sandwich to travel […]

  • Light-Up Cotton Candy Is Taking Over Disney Parks

    Disney parks around the world are often coming up with unique new eats with exciting new themes. Their latest is the extremely popular, picture perfect, glow in the dark cotton candy. The cotton candy is white, and is placed on a light-up cone, causing it to light up in different bright colours. The lights in […]

  • Calling all Bartenders: Sign up to the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2018

    The House of Angostura® has launched the 9th edition of its Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge (AGCC 2018) —open to bartenders from around the world— with a call for entries to be submitted to the competition’s website At stake is the coveted title of “Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge Champion,” a cash prize of US$10,000 and a […]

  • Gordon Ramsay Served Steak in a Roof Tile, Left Speechless

    Recently, a video clip from the popular TV show, Kitchen Nightmares, has gone viral. In the video, Chef Gordon Ramsay is served steak that is being cooked in a roof tile, something you definitely don’t come across every day. This unusual cooking technique went horribly wrong, as Chef Ramsay was not at all impressed by […]

  • Bring this Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar to South Africa

    Pop up restaurants have become extremely popular over the last few years, and they are becoming more and more unique and fun. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Drink Company based in D.C. is opening up a Game of Thrones themed pop-up bar. The bar will serve drinks based off of certain characters, like Daenerys Targaryen, […]

  • Your Food & Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet

    Want to be the smartest person at the dinner table this season? Keep this food and wine pairing infographic handy: Ready to take your love of fine dining to the next level, or step up to the plate and advance to management level if you currently work in hospitality? Register for the UCT online short […]

  • National Flags made from the most delicious Ingredients

    I love browsing the internet and StumbleUpon has recently become my new best friend. Some may call it ‘a waste of time’ but this weekend has been very educational: I now know more about the lost city of Atlantis & Plato than ever before. Plus, I’m really getting into Greek mythology – it’s been very […]

  • The best Hangover Cures as recommended by our Twitter followers

    swear I am never drinking again. I have heard this line many times as friends lay curled up, white in the face, hands shaking, a sheen of sweat on their foreheads, reeking of the night before. This is also one of the greatest promises ever broken, along with “I swear this is my last cigarette” […]

  • The Science behind the 5 Second Rule

    Do you still eat your food after its been on the floor? That’s the million dollar question for today! I probably wouldn’t eat a salad that’s been on the floor but if I had dropped my favourite biscuits, that would be another story altogether – I would be faced with a serious dilemma! Not that I would […]

  • How to make your own Smoothie…be awesome!

    So this health thing is kinda working for me. Kinda. I had an alcohol-free Bloody Mary the other day – now that was a big step. You read all over the news that smoothies aren’t as healthy as you think, and in many cases it is true. However, if you are making it yourself and […]

  • 30 Shots for 30 Days [Infographic]

    I’m attempting to give up alcohol for 2 months and so far I’ve made it 10 days (minus the 45 minutes it took me to drink 1½ glasses of wine, but we’re pretending that didn’t happen). OBVIOUSLY it would be now that I find this fancy ‘lil infographic, of… 30 gloriously drinkable shots that I […]

  • What does 100 Calories of Fruit look like?

    We all grow up learning that fruit is so good for you. “I’m hungry, Mom!” followed by, “Then eat an apple, darling!” FRUIT IS HEALTHY DAMMIT!!!!! Well, sometimes it’s not. It depends how much you have. I found this online, it helped me understand. Now you can too.

  • How McDonalds produce their Photoshoots

    Have you ever had the huge disappointment of ordering your favourite McDonald’s burger and it never looked anywhere near like it did in the picture above the counter. A customer from Canada wanted to know more and went onto the McDonald’s website to ask this question. “Why does your food look different in the advertising […]

  • What happens to your Body when you drink Cola

    When the drink was first produced in 1888, Coca-Cola had two key ingredients: cocaine & caffeine. The cocaine was derived from the coca leaf while the caffeine from a kola nut. This lead to the name Coca-Cola. A future multi-million dollar company was born. The original Coca-Cola forumlar once contained an estimated nine milligrams of […]

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    The Last Dinner on the Titanic

    It was the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic a while ago and the History Channel on DSTV dedicated several hours to documentaries about that tragic day for the past few weeks. Some historians and experts were trying to analyse and understand the wreckage to trace back the events that occurred between hitting the […]