Gordon Ramsay Served Steak in a Roof Tile, Left Speechless

Recently, a video clip from the popular TV show, Kitchen Nightmares, has gone viral. In the video, Chef Gordon Ramsay is served steak that is being cooked in a roof tile, something you definitely don’t come across every day. This unusual cooking technique went horribly wrong, as Chef Ramsay was not at all impressed by the meal.

Here, in South Africa, we have a similar cooking technique. But, here, we do it horribly right. Clay cooking pots are a part of African history. Traditionally, these posts are very deep and have a rounded bottom. They can be balanced over a fire or placed onto hot coals.

They have also evolved into a more modern style and can be placed inside an oven. Using these durable pots as a cooking technique comes with many benefits. Food is able to cook inside the clay pot with minimum liquid, and it browns even if the lid is on. You can also use one pot for the whole meal, making the horrible task of washing dishes not so bad. But best of all, it is a healthier alternative to other cooking techniques. The natural nutrients and vitamins found in the clay are retained in the food, making for a more nutritious and flavoursome meal.

Maybe Chef Ramsay should come visit, and try a meal made using this technique.

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