Fluffy stuffed Toys made out of Cake

Actually Too Cute to Eat!

Susanne Ng is a home baker from Singapore who has become famous on the internet for her unique cakes. Susanne creates adorable, fluffy, chiffon cakes, which often take the form of cute creatures, like unicorns and hippos. She uses her education in science and engineering to help her create original and creative baked goods.

It takes Susanne up to a whole day to make one of her large cakes, each part of the cake needs to cool down before it can be assembled. The baker uses different pans to make the different shapes, and also gets creative when making smaller shapes by using certain household items, like eggshells. The small details of her cakes, such as eyes and flowers, are sculpted from cake sheets and are glued onto the cakes using melted chocolate or marshmallows as glue.

The final products are so adorable and artistic that you won’t want to eat them. But then you would remember how tasty they look.

Have a look at her website: http://lovingcreations4u.blogspot.co.za/

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