Quality Video Production for Restaurants

We here at FoodBlogSA are offering a new service, restaurant video production, from start to finish, for social media promotion!

We have found that publishing short, bite sized videos on social media has a really positive impact on user engagement and give customers a more tangible idea of what restaurants have to offer. It’s a simple and effective way to really showcase your restaurant.

We are offering a package that includes 3 short videos (15 to 20 seconds each) geared towards social media promotion; and one longer video that presents your restaurant as a whole (30 to 40 seconds).

Individualised and adjustable, these videos can hone in on any specific aspect of your establishment you’d like to showcase. If you have long-term specials, a mouth-watering signature dish, an impressive cocktail, or just a fun recipe you’d like to share, these videos provide the perfect opportunity to promote what sets you apart.

The Process


We start by gathering information on your restaurant’s brand and key points of interest. We then discuss what kind of impression you’d like to make on viewers and what would be the most accurate and effective way to translate your restaurant’s image into video.


We put together 5 to 6 ideas for short videos, and write a shot list for each, planning what shots and camera movements we’d like to get. This can be discussed and the focus can be confirmed before shoot day. This ensures the process is as smooth as possible so both sides are prepped and ready to go. Of course, there’s always room for creativity on the day, but establishing a general idea beforehand is necessary so both parties are on the same page.


After we’ve established a time that suits all (when the establishment is not too busy and the assistance of one or two staff members is possible), the actual filming process only takes between 2 and 5 hours depending on the scale of the project. We have a small, flexible team that embraces natural and available light to create a realistic, yet visually striking perspective.


The editing process consists of finding the right music (or ambient sound/ voice over) and fitting together selected shots to create short, eye-catching videos that celebrate what makes your restaurant unique. The videos are colour-graded and titles are added, with simple motion graphics being optional. Once complete, the finished videos are exported into an easy to upload format for your restaurant to use as you wish.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch so we can discuss how to bring the food-focused films you envision to fruition.

To get an idea, see our latest example videos:

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