Video Marketing: A personal Tour of your Restaurant

What’s the best way to market your restaurant, coffee shop, bar, eatery, or cafe online?  Since you can’t offer food samples over the Internet, showcasing your menu on video is the next best thing.

30-60 second online videos designed specifically for restaurants, coffee shops, candy shops and cafes.  These beautiful, high definition videos allow visitors to your website and social media presence the opportunity to spend a few moments experiencing your establishment’s atmosphere and checking out a few of your best dishes.


Until the 15 of August, you will receive a video production for only R3900 per video.

Imagine if you could offer every potential customer a personal tour under the best possible circumstances… 

We’re working with Two Fellas Media who is offering affordable video production to showcase your restaurant as well as the food being served with short 30 – 45 second videos. Packages start from R6,500.

Contact us today to receive more info on how Two Fellas Media can help you! 

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