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    Top 10 Best Gordon Ramsay Memes

    Gordon Ramsay is an extremely famous British celebrity chef who is well known for his amazing cooking talent and his TV shows. He is also, however, well known for the unique criticisms he uses when he is not impressed by another chef’s food, inspiring fans to make memes based off of these criticisms. Here are […]

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    5 Dark Secrets about Coca Cola

    Coca Cola, commonly known as Coke, is a very popular soft drink across the world. It is no secret that the drink is not very good for your health, especially when consumed regularly, but Coke seems to be hiding more, less known secrets. Here are 5 dark secrets about the brand.

  • 4 of the best tiny cooking videos we could find

    Videos of people cooking tiny food using tiny cooking equipment have become very popular on the internet. The meals that are cooked range between your everyday home-cooked meals, like lasagne, hamburgers, and macaroni, to some fancier ones: sushi dishes and steak. There are even some videos of yummy, little desserts. Watching all of those tiny […]

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    Top 10 Snacks with no Sugar

    Snacking is a very important part of most people’s days. Snacks are perfect for if you are hungry in between meals or watching a movie, but we also often eat them just because we are bored and have nothing else to do. This can result in a lot of food consumption, specifically a lot of […]

  • Top 7 Facts you need to know about Bottled Water

    Bottled water has become very popular in society, and as a result is a very controversial topic. Many people assume that it is a safer and healthier alternative to drinking tap water. But, with the increase in demand for the product, comes many negative impacts on the environment. So, here is a list of interesting […]

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    The 7 Most Exclusive Whiskies in South Africa

    Whisky has a rich history with its roots in Italy where the earliest records of the distillation of alcohol can be found. But the production of whisky only got refined after the lovely people of Ireland and Scotland managed to perfect the art of distillation. And thus, the modern whisky as we now it today […]

  • 9 Reasons I will never visit this Restaurant

    This restaurant is located somewhere in China. They say that once you have finally managed to reach the top, you can eat there for free. Let me know how the food is, ’cause I’m not going. This is insane!

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    The Weirdest Food on Earth

    Bucketlists, like New Years resolutions, are things I have never been very good at sticking with. I forget about them, get over them, or realise that they make no significant difference to my life and decide to focus on something else that interests me more. Until now. Now I have a mission. It’s a mission […]

  • The 5 Weirdest Food Museums in the World

    Going to a museums is not only a pass-time for members of high society anymore. This is certainly the case when talking about Pizza Brain – the new pizza museum that will open its doors in Philadelphia. It is the life’s work of Brian Dwyer who calls himself a professional collector of pizza memorabilia. This […]

  • Top 5 McDonald’s Fails

    McDonad’s have always been about innovative new products to stay on top of the game in a very competitive US & European market. Some of those have been a great success while others failed miserably. I’ve had a look at the top 5 worst McDonald’s products that no one knows about anymore.

  • The Weirdest Beers on Earth

    Since there are many beer festivals in South Africa happening throughout the year, we had a look at some beers you should think twice about drinking. I don’t think these are available in South Africa but you have been warned – drink at own risk!

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    10 Amazing Ice-Cube Designs

    As I haven’t posted anything in a while, I will write something that I’m truly passionate about: Ice-Cubes! Not just any ice-cubes – the ones you find everywhere. I am talking about ice-cube designs, that are so powerful that they start conversations. And here they are, my top 10 most awesome ice-cubes designs…in the world!

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    The 10 most dangerous Foods to eat while Driving have conducted a study to find the 10 most dangerous foods to eat while driving. We all know that driving and eating is probably not the smartest thing. In order to save time in this fast paced world we’ve all been guilty of it. They claim the bad habit of munching while navigating traffic […]

  • My Top 5 Movies about Food

    I love going to the movies and do so about once or twice per month even though the ticket prices are somewhat ridiculous. I’ve been told that tickets in Europe are around 15 Euros so we shouldn’t be complaining here in South Africa.  I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favourite movies involving food. […]

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    Top 8 Most Expensive Foods in the World

    I am not made of money. Bring on the 2-for-1, the half-price and the winter specials. However, one day I plan on being a multi-gapillionaire (although I haven’t figured out how) and, when I am, it’s this section of my Bucket List that I’ll refer to. (Although I may first need to contact some insurance […]