The 7 Most Exclusive Whiskies in South Africa

Whisky has a rich history with its roots in Italy where the earliest records of the distillation of alcohol can be found. But the production of whisky only got refined after the lovely people of Ireland and Scotland managed to perfect the art of distillation. And thus, the modern whisky as we now it today was born.

The Most Exclusive Whiskies in South Africa

While whisky is definitely affordable to the common man, there is a group of exclusive whiskies that you and I are probably never going to be able to even touch or see. The prices start R34,999 with the Johnnie Walker blue label baccarat cask with the mothership being the Royal Salute at a cool R2,000,000. This bottle has been decorated using over 400 black and white diamonds. For even more information on insanely rare and exclusive whiskies, we’ve added a very cool infographic below.

If do you have a taste for the rare and expensive, you should head over to the Makro website, where you are able to purchase the most exclusive whiskies in South Africa.

Exclusive Whiskies in South Africa

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