The Weirdest Food on Earth

Bucketlists, like New Years resolutions, are things I have never been very good at sticking with. I forget about them, get over them, or realise that they make no significant difference to my life and decide to focus on something else that interests me more. Until now. Now I have a mission. It’s a mission with focus. Why is it so focused you may ask? Well, its something I care very deeply about.


So here is the start of my food bucketlist. I am going to find things online, in recipe books and in my brain so over the new few months we’ll have a grand total of 100 items that I want to eat before I die. Here are the weird ones.

#1 Heart

I started with something I’ve had before so that I can already tick off number 1. I’m not talking cobra, lion or camel heart – just a good old cow. Beefy and chewy, but if cooked well heart isn’t tough at all. I had an amazing beef heart kebab, called Anticucho, at local restaurant Keenwa. The gamey’ness of the beef works perfectly with the smokiness it gets from the fire it is grilled on.

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