The 5 Weirdest Food Museums in the World

Going to a museums is not only a pass-time for members of high society anymore. This is certainly the case when talking about Pizza Brain – the new pizza museum that will open its doors in Philadelphia. It is the life’s work of Brian Dwyer who calls himself a professional collector of pizza memorabilia.

This however will not be the only strange food museum out there in the world. It will join the likes of the memorable ‘Museum of Burned Food’ as well as the ‘International Vinegar Museum’. Here is a look at the most over-the-top museums that are dedicated to food.

#1 Museum of Burned Food

One man’s burned toast is another man’s idea to open a museum dedicated to it. This museum has honoured culinary disasters for the last 20 years and can be found in Massachusetts, US. Here you will find the classics such as burned toast while charred lemons are among the more exotic pieces. Although it is only open to the public a few times a year.

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