Light-Up Cotton Candy Is Taking Over Disney Parks

Disney parks around the world are often coming up with unique new eats with exciting new themes. Their latest is the extremely popular, picture perfect, glow in the dark cotton candy. The cotton candy is white, and is placed on a light-up cone, causing it to light up in different bright colours. The lights in the candy is not only unique, but it also adds to the magical atmosphere of the famous parks at night-time.

Unfortunately, our ‘candy floss’ doesn’t light up and glow. But, we do have the classically delicious version of the sweet treat, and everybody loves a classic. South Africa is also famous for our own unique sweets, and if you haven’t tried them already, you should.

Some of the classics include: flings, fizzers, zoo biscuits, fizz pops, chomps, chappies, peppermint crisp, and Ouma Rusks, to name a few. Not only do we have these on offer, we have some more exotic treats like koeksisters and mosbolletjies.

You won’t find delicious sweets and treats like those anywhere else.

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