The Rosé Deodorant Dream we all need in our Lives

The term ‘extra’ is something that comes up a lot these days on the internet. If you are extra, to put it simply, you are over-the-top or dramatic. This has taken social media around the world by storm as people have been posting memes about being extra, or of themselves embodying the term.

If you want to participate in the fun, there is a new way to do so. Native Cosmetics, an indie cosmetics brand, has released a new set of deodorants that are “brunch scented.” The range includes sangria, mimosa, and rosé scented deodorant. Yum. This was released on the first day of summer, overseas of course, as a celebration of summer day drinking.

Even though we are currently experiencing winter here in South Africa, we can definitely still enjoy these drinks and their corresponding deodorants. And we too can most definitely be extra.

The cosmetics brand only uses natural ingredients, and even the brunch range of deodorants don’t contain alcohol, making them friendly for sensitive skin.

Native Cosmetics has an online store, so if you want to be extra, or even if you don’t, you should participate in the fun and order the brunch scented deodorant range.

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