National Flags made from the most delicious Ingredients

I love browsing the internet and StumbleUpon has recently become my new best friend. Some may call it ‘a waste of time’ but this weekend has been very educational: I now know more about the lost city of Atlantis & Plato than ever before. Plus, I’m really getting into Greek mythology – it’s been very interesting! However, I also ‘stumbled upon’ this gem which I just had to share:

Brazil National Flag

This national flag was on display at the Sydney International Food Festival. The highlight of the program was an amazing food scene that presented some national flag-inspired food designs. To view them all follow this link to the Ads of the World website. They don’t just look like national flags; they are also made by food which is associated with these coutries. Pretty cool!

Then I figured; there must be more of these food designs around the internet. But I only found one other blog post by Jen on Tiny Urban Kitchen. She created several pizzas inspired by national flag designs for a competition. And they look amazing!

Next time I’m making pizza, I will definitly get a bit more creative than just the usual Regina topings 🙂

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