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Thanks to the awesome people at PromoteCommunication, we were able to test out a marvelous product called Wonderbag. It was created for developing countries where there is limited access to electricity (*cough *cough Eskom) and water in order to help the rural communities provide nutritional meals to their families. Please watch the video below; it is a truly inspiring concept!

But Wonderbag has great benefits for home-use as well, which I will go into in this post.

Wonderbag: Cooking Unplugged

Save Energy, save the world!

In short, Wonderbag turns any pot into a slow cooker. You place your hot pot in the Wonderbag, and it insulates the food extending the cooking process without the need for continued energy use. With electricity prices rising every year, this will save you a lot of money in the process.

Do the things you want!  

Another big plus point is that there is no need for actual supervision. This means you can cook appetising meals, without spending much time tending to cook the food standing around in the kitchen. While the food is being prepared in the Wonderbag, you can work, watch TV, relax with a book – anything else other than stirring the pot to make sure the food does not get burned.

Boosting flavours!

The condensation process in the Wonderbag also acts as a self-baster, tougher cuts of meat become very tender in this unconventional slow cooker. And just because you’re saving time and money doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing taste. The veggies I cooked using the Wonderbag absorbed stocks and spices, giving them a much fuller flavour. I absolutely love it!

Go experiment!

You will need to experiment with the Wonderbag for a while as all the ingredients are placed in the same pot and they might have different cooking times and requirements. This needs to be taken into account but it’s still a lot of fun to experiment.

Overall reaction

I am very impressed with this product, not just for what it does in the kitchen but also in the many ways it helps make cooking much more convenient if you do not have that much time.

On my first attempt, I made a very simple chicken dish with potatoes and veggies in a chicken broth. I made a few other dishes afterwards, no pictures unfortunately. All dishes turned out perfectly and actually had a lot more flavour than when I made the dishes on a normal stove in the past.

It’s a huge time-saver and that’s the biggest selling point for me.  But the Wonderbag also adds so much more flavour to your dishes, while also saving on electricity. It’s not a bad combo for one simple and amazing little product!


P.S.: If you go camping, take along the Wonderbag to make sure you have a warm hearty meal on your first day of the road-trip. Just make sure it’s secured properly while driving.

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